Drill down without a strict hierarchy

Hello everyone. I just started using QuickSight, and I’ve been loving it. I do have a question though, about the Drill Down functionality.

As I understand it, Quicksight’s drill down functionality requires a strict hierarchy of the fields. Let’s say you can drill down from field A to B to C to D in that order.

However, I would like it for my users to be able to drill down to A or B or C or D in whichever order they desire. Is that impossible to do in Quicksight or am I overlooking something?

Thank you!

Hi @FranGallus! I think I can help you out on this one as I’ve dealt with this in the past. What I did to solve this problem was to create four different controls and then link the functionality across each control so that no matter which control you start from the other controls will be limited based on relevant values only.

From here you will select change relevant values

And finally select each control value and repeat the above process

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If I understand correctly then you are basically looking to see the data at a particular granularity (not fixed) based on user’s choice or desire. That kind of flexibility can be attained using parameter. There’s a similar post which can give you some idea on that. Please take a look at it.

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