Drill through report with anonymous login


We have enabled session capacity for anonymous embedding for quicksight reports.

Just wondering is it possible to use drill through with anonymous embedding. e.g. I have a summary report with premium for a month and I want to click through to a detailed report by policy. When I login with in private browser and grab the url from generate-embed-url-for-anonymous-user when it clicks through to the second detailed report it takes me to a login page. Just wondering is there a way to not have to do this?

The embed URL is something you pass into your website. It’s not a link itself.

I think it’s possible what you are trying to do, but you would need to configure a url as an action to link to your website that displays the new dashboard. You would also need to figure out how to use parameters through that url so that it is filtered for the policy if that’s what you are trying.

Hello @murray_dj yes it is possible to do what you mention but as @Max says it needs to be done via Javascript in your embedded application.

The idea is to make sure that when a user clicks on a certain area of your application, trigger an AJAX call that makes your application reload the required portion accordingly (in this case the embedded dashboard).

Also remember that you can also use actions to allow end users to be able to filter and navigate within your dashboards and this also works in embedded scenarios.

Hope it helps.

Happy dashboarding!