Drive dataset results using user parameter values

I have a need to search for a small slice of data from a very large database after which the comparison between the slices can be computed in the analysis layer. I am wanting to avoid ingesting the large database table into spice dataset but drive the results based on the input chosen by the user.

Is this doable in QuickSight?

Parameters as far as I know only goes to the dataset but does not get passed to the data source for querying.
The dashboard gets rendered only after the data is refreshed but I want it to wait till the user chooses at least one drop down value.

what is the workaround for this problem ?

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Hi Tim,

We are working on a capability that will allow you to pass parameters for custom SQL.



Hi @SeanBoon,

Do your team has any approximate date to release this functionality? I think it is extremely interesting not only to avoid the ingest of large databases, but also to make some calculated fields at the dataset layer instead of defining them only for visualization.

Best, Juan