Dual axis charts using Q

i would like to build dual axis charts using Q.
So far i couldn’t achieve it either with my queries or by manually adjusting the chart.

When building the chart manually you can do so by clicking the value field well, choosing a field drop-down menu and choosing Show on: Left Y-axis.

Any way to achieve that with Q ?

Thanks for your help

Hey @jnavarre! Thanks for your question – and welcome to the QuickSight Community! Our US SA team is on Thanksgiving holiday until tomorrow. Wanted to make sure you know that we see your question and will make sure to get you a reply before EOD Monday US. Thx! :slight_smile:


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@jnavarre ,

Dual axis chart as per my test is currently not possible in QuickSight Q.

What you can do in this scenario is to create the visual in a dashboard and then link it to the question. You do lose some flexibility here as you cannot have dynamic metrics in a dual axis chart.
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Example where I created a dual axis chart and published it as a dashboard. Linked it to a Q question.

I will mark this as a ‘solution’ and tag this question as a feature request.



Thanks for your answer, I will use your solution, looking forward to be able to do it natively,

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