Dynamic Closure Date Categorization

The current categorization system in the issue tracking system assigns closed issues to the month of their creation rather than their closure. For example, if an issue is created in January but closed in March, it’s included in January’s statistics due to the control being based on creation date. However, the desired functionality is to allocate closed issues to the month they were actually closed. I have issuecreated date and Issueclosed date…

Hi @hellosai321
maybe you can share some more information? Like current calculation or something.

Hi @ErikG ,

I have a dashboard that relies on JIRA tickets, containing fields such as issue ID, issue creation date, and issue closure date. I’ve implemented a month field based on the issue creation date, allowing me to categorize the number of created and closed tickets within each month. However, I encountered a scenario where a ticket was created in January but closed in March. In this case, I want to reflect that one ticket was created in January and one ticket was closed in March. Currently, my calculation includes the closed count under January, as the month calculation is based on the creation date. I’m seeking a solution where the closed count is allocated to the month in which the issue was closed, irrespective of its creation date. Below are the calculations I’m using

Month=extract(‘MM’, {issuecreateddate}) and year =extract(‘YYYY’, {issuecreateddate})