Dynamic date change in the title

I have an overview table in my visual 1 & this table do not have a daily feed into it. Let’s say the latest is Sep 30. I have my visual 2 and it also displays the latest data based on visual 1.
However, I want to display title in my visual 2 “Data as per: Sep 30”
I want this title to be dynamic, if the latest data is Oct 2nd, the title should say “Data as per: Oct 2”
I tried with parameters it did not work. Is there any work around?
Appreciate the help. Thanks

You may use dynamic default parameter by user group to achieve this. Not a perfect solution but it should work in the use case you mentioned. steps as below

  1. Create user group. For instance “Default-ReaderGroup” and add all users to this group
  2. Create a dataset by using custom SQL to get user group and max date. For instance, “select “Default-ReaderGroup” as UserGroup, max(txnDate) as maxDate from table1”
  3. Add dataset into your dashboard
  4. Setup dynamic default parameter value “maxDate” for “Default-ReaderGroup”
  5. Show the parameter value in visual’s title.
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Roy’s solution works great if you need to use the maximum date in your data set. If your use case is a bit simpler and you just need to show the current date, or yesterday, or some sort of date relative to today, you can use the new Rolling Defaults on date parameters.

The product team is also looking into allowing you to set the rolling date equal to the max date from a date column, but I do not have any estimates I can share with you.