Dynamic default for Parameter always shows ALL

I want to Display the Value from the specific dataset in the Title of the visual.
I created a new Dataset that has only 1 row, and then created a Parameter with a dynamic Default Value is the column from this dataset.

And then set the “Reserved Value” to Recommended Value.

And in Visual Title I have
Riskiest User : ${UserName}

In Analysis this gets displayed as “Riskiest User: ALL” And the same when I embed this dashboard.

The user name column needs to be pointing at your or the UserName of the person logging in.

Is the username column in your dataset your username?

Hi @neelay, We hope Max’s solution worked for you. Let us know if this is resolved. And if it is, please help the community by marking his answer as a “Solution.”

Hi @Wakana,

Thanks for following back. for some reason, I didn’t get an email notification when the reply was posted.

No, Not really, but I think it helped me to come to a decision that what I am trying is not possible.
As mentioned earlier, I have a dataset with only 1 row, which is one of the KPI for the org. And I want to display user_name from that data-source in the title of the visual. Nothing fancy.

I was expecting quicksight recommended value will be from the dataset instead of “ALL” as the dataset has only 1 value, But for whatever reason it decided to pick “ALL”.

e.g I want to display user of the month who purchased most products from the store,
the Visual will display how much money s/he spend across the different category with a donut chart and its name will be in the title.

I still don’t get why the value from the dataset does not override the default value “ALL” ? I think it should have overridden “ALL”.

Thanks for you reply, @neelay!

I presume that you have a row to show the user of the month who purchased most products from the store in your SingleTenant-Riskiest-User dataset you configured in dynamic default setting? the dynamic default setting requires logged in user field as well as the required field to show the default value which should be the user of the month who purchased most products in your case. if logged in user does not exist in the SinfleTenant-Riskiest-User dataset, I think they set ‘ALL’. would you have logged in user value in your dataset?

I configured the dynamic default setting. (ref. Attached are screenshots from the original post)
The dashboard is being used anonymously, so there won’t be a login-user. And also why username of the login user has anything to do with the dynamic default value which is being set from the dataset?

dynamic default parameter (DDP) is to display a different default depending on who is viewing the dashboard, which requires some preparation to map people to their assigned defaults.

I don’t think what you are trying to do is possible in QuickSight unless you use API…

hi @Max

I tried creating a dynamic default where I set for a single user, multiple parameter values.
To do that I mapped a certain user to multiple values in the dataset feeds the dynamic default.
It doesn’t seems to work and it basically sends in a scheduled report all the values for that certain user.
So, my question is - is it possible to assign multiple values parameter in a dynamic default?