Dynamic Filter

I have two tables:
Coverage with AgentID, zip, city, state, cbsa - each agentID will have 100’s of rows listing all areas covered by an agent.

Activities with AgentID, activity, leadID, leadDate, activityDate - this table will have many rows for each agent and each lead assigned to them

I am trying to use the coverage table to filter for a particular market area (CBSA) and then filter the activities to only the agentID’s returned from the coverage filter.

I’ve tried using controls with “show relevant data”, but that seems to only work if I’m passing the CBSA field.

Any ideas?

Try looking into this blog and let me know if that helps!

I’ve tried cascading filters (both parameters and actions), but it doesn’t seem to work when I’m filtering on one column in the first table and then want to filter on a different column in the second visual.

I’m going to mark this as a bug, but I think right now it only works one way.

Top filter → filters bottom filter.

Bottom filter does not filter top filter.

That’s my guess.