Dynamic Formatting (Data Type)

Hi, Community. In my dashboard I have Parameter that allows the data consumer to determine if the output in an Insight (Top Ranked) is by “% Difference” or “Nominal Value”. The parameter selected drives the formula to use in a calculated field (ifelse); therefore, there is only one measure in my value field well. The challenge is with formatting, if “% Difference” is selected, I want the formatting to differ than if “Nominal Value” was selected, a % and currency, respectively. How can this be handled? Or do I need two measures in my field well?

Field Well

Calculated Field

Are you talking about the visual or insight?

In a visual you can’t change it which is a feature request but I will mark again.

In an insight you can do an if statement that checks the parameter and then changes the value to a % or value.

I have a Visual and an Insight that are both impacted by the parameter - keeps the resulting output consistent. My takeaway from your comment is dynamic formatting can only be accomplished in the Insight, but not the Visual

Thank you for your response!