Dynamic Images with Variables Overlaid

I have an image that I want to overlay some calculated values on to so that the solar panel image displays the current power output from each array. How can I overlay a value on top of the image and possibly a bar to represent % of possible power output on top of my solar panel image?

Hi @Paul_Vandenberk
you have to switch the sheets to “free-form”. You will find it at “sheet layout”.

After that you can overlap visuals.

Thank you for that. I have done that and am able to overlay objects but I was looking to be able to dynamically control some of the objects. For example, if I create an empty text box and fill it with the color green, how can I link the width of the text box to a parameter in the dashboard so that it increases or decreases dynamically as the data changes.

You can’t define the size of a visual based on a parameter. You could show/hide e.g. textbox with different sizes based on a parameter.

I am looking to make something that looks like a loading bar or % complete bar on top of a solar panel array. Showing and hiding objects of different sizes would not be scalable.

What about a simple vertical bar chart? With value from 0 to 100% or what ever.

Hi @Paul_Vandenberk , are you trying to achieve some like this:

As Erik mentioned above, you can overlay a horizontal or vertical bar chart on top of the image as per your requirement. You can also format the visuals to have a transparent background, hide or show labels by changing the visual properties.