Dynamic Insight (Growth Rate) by N Period

Hi! In many of my analyses, I’m using growth rates that are computed via the Insight functionality. This is great but I am hoping to make this more dynamic. As shown in the screenshot, the period is a fixed integer. Ideally, I would like to associate this value with a relative Last N Period

For example, if the Last N Period is set to 13, then 13 is passed to the period parameter in the insight.

Date Control


Thanks in advance

Currently this is not possible.

I think you can do it the opposite way be changing the parameter to 13 and then having your filter be affected by that parameter. The only thing you would need to do would be to cast your date to unix time. That is my arrival_timestamp_int

I can mark your first request as a feature request.

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@Max, thank you for the response. I think that would be a great and easy-to-configure feature.