Dynamic reference line

I need Target line in bar chart (targets are different for different bars) which should be Dynamic when selecting the time period and needs color formatting of bar when exceeds the target

Hi @Charitha.krishna

A few questions.

  • what is the target based on? is it in the data or is it a calculated field?
  • You want dynamic as in it can switch from months to weeks or dynamic as in you would like to recalculate every time filters are updated?
  • Are you looking to conditional color the point or the line itself?

Do you have an screenshot example of what you are trying to recreate?

Ramon Lopez

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Hi @Ramon_Lopez,

The following post from @Charitha.krishna was in our article queue, and I believe it may be related. (Charitha, please let us know if the information below is not associated with this question.)

“Regarding relation of filters and visuals
There is one line graph and one bar chart. Year filter is applied to line graph… So when I selected year in filter… I need selected year data in line graph and Previous all years data in the bar graph.”

Thanks all!

Hi Kristin and Ramon_Lopez

Thank you for the response,
For your clarity, I posted two different issues which were not linked

  1. related to filters
  2. related to reference line

Hi @Ramon_Lopez

Thank you for the Quick Reply
Here are the answers for the questions asked.

  1. The Target is based on calculated field(for every month some targets are provided, this will be coming from data, I need to apply some filters and need to calculate the target)
  2. As the targets are month wise, when ever a month is selected in the filters, the target should be updated
  3. The visual I want is bar chart with reference line, The color of the bars should be changed based on the target

Calculated field using for targets-
sumIf({value_1}, level=‘OVERALL’ AND {process_area_type} = ‘OVERALL’ AND {kpi_type}= 'TARGET)


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Hi @Charitha.krishna

Are you talking about this?


Hey @Charitha.krishna

We have not heard back from you regarding your question. We would still like to help. If we do not hear back in the next 3 days, we will archive the question.

Hi @Charitha.krishna ,

Per your original post, you wanted to have different reference line value to be plotted for each bar. While you can add more reference lines to the chart, each reference line stays flat across same visual. In later response, the visual you provided showed a flat reference line. The sample that Max provided is aligned to that and hence marking @Max 's response as solution to your question.

Arun Santhosh