Dynamic RLS

Is there any way to implement dynamic Row-Level-Security in Amazon QuickSight like other BI tools (MSTR,PBI etc.) ?

What is your definition of dynamic?

Even in the other tools you need so define somewhere what a user can see.

Dynamic :- if i give you an example ,
If we elevate permission of certain user in user group, so QuickSight should display the extra information which was not shared with him/her earlier !
PS :- Certain user was given normal access earlier, then his/her access got upgraded, So does QuickSight has any dynamic feature that can pick user latest permission & upgrade access dynamically ?
Hope that make sense !

You need to define what a user/group can see within a dataset.

like the RLS sample.

if you add or remove a permission e.g. US-Sales | US | Enterprise QuickSight will use the new rights on the fly.
Is that what you mean?

Yes, Exactly the same what i need.
But I believe somehow we need to store these info into DB or of not DB do we have any alternative approach ?

If i am taking an example of Azure Active Directory there if we add any user with certain permissions the report will only display the data according to his/her permissions defined on Azure AD’s.

What are the steps to approach this in AWS QS ?

You dont need to use a DB. You can also use a simple CSV file to create a (permission) dataset.

Logic would be more or less the same in QS.
You will have a csv as below as (permission) dataset…
You than can add the user “ZhangWei” and update the (permission) dataset in QS.
As soon as the (permission) dataset is updated. ZhangWei will see APAC region.

Hi @Abhishek11,
did it work for you?