Dynamic Row Heights for Tables

I would like to propose a feature request for dynamic row heights in tables. For example, I want to show a table that has one column called Comments. The value in the cell for each row can be one line or many lines depending on how many comments the user entered.

I know I can set the row height to be larger, but it doesn’t look good at a really large height when not all cells have a long comment. The tooltip helps, but for reporting the long comments aren’t going to show if they are cutoff.

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this feature is not amiable right now. You can use the static height of row if required :slight_smile:

Yep, I realize that. Just wanted to put in a feature request.

I’ll mark as a feature request. Thanks


I am new to QuickSight and was looking for a way to have dynamic row height in a table similar to what CoreyLeichty’s original request.

I see this was a post way back in 2022. I don’t see an option in QuickSight yet. Is there any update on this? Are there alternative options available for achieve dynamic row height?

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Also would like to know. Thanks.