Dynamic selection of fields (columns) in a table

Is it possible for the user of a published dashboard to be able to select which fields (columns) to be present in the table visual?
Use case: I have a table with 200 columns (query limit), however, I want my users to be able to control which of these 200 columns should be visible in my table?! For example, by giving the users a drop-down control with column names as values and un/selection of a column name in that drop-down control would make that field disappear/appear in the table.

Thank you.

This demo shows you how to create dynamic Dimension and Measure. the demo is showing bar chart. but it will be same using table. https://democentral.learnquicksight.online/#Analysis-TipsAndTricks-Interactivity-Dynamic-Dimensions-and-Measures

However, even the data show in the column can be the dynamic, the number of columns is not. It will always showing 200 columns, you can make those unused one shows nothing but they still there.

Hi @royyung,

Thank you for your reply.

I am aware of how we can shift between different fields within a calculated field based on a parameter value which is selected by the user via interacting with the corresponding control.

However, I am looking for a workaround which would allow the user to select the fields to be displayed in the table. So for example if the user selects “serial_number” in the control, the column “serial_number” is visualized in the table, otherwise I don’t want this column to be even present in the table.


Hello @HatAbd9241 !

That functionality does not currently exist in Quicksight for a dashboard viewer. I will mark this as a feature request.