Dynamic title change with drill downs

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Is there a way for the title to change dynamically when using drill downs?

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When you add Drill Downs to a visual it should automatically update the Title of the visual to the field that you have drilled down to.

Is the title not updating?

Hello @duncan, Thanks for your response.

Yes, the default title( Count of records by … )is updating. But I am adding the title based on my requirement and that is not updating. I have tried adding a parameter to the title, but that gives me ‘All’ in the title. Is there a way to update the title without it defaulting to ‘all’ or without having to add control pinned to the sheet.

Thank you!

Hello @ghegde !

Can you try editing your parameter to have a default value? It won’t be perfect because you will still have to filter down, but when I do this I usually to the first or most common value in that that column.

Hello @ghegde !

Were you able to try what I mentioned above?

I did try that out, while the title changed, the values/visuals remain the same. I 'd like the visual and title to change simultaneously. Thank you!

Hello @ghegde !

If you add the parameter value to your visual title with a default value, and also apply the parameter to a filter that affects the data in the visual you should be able to create that effect.

Thanks! Will try that.

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