Dynamic Top N Filter

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Is there any way we can change the top N values based on filter.

For example in above picture, where I choose date filter as ‘2023-02’ it is showing top 12 months, but what I want is let say if I select another date filter ‘2022-12’ then the graph should show top 10 months based on ‘2022-12’ not from ‘2023-03’. For now even I choose a date filter ‘2022-12’ the graph is should values from ‘2023-03’ not from ‘2022-12’.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

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Hi @Santosh, did you also apply the date filter to your visual?

Yes, I am using date filter in visual as well.

Hi @Santosh, I am not sure I totally understand your requirement. Are you trying to show last 12 months or last 10 months data based on selected date filter? If that is the case, I would suggest creating a date parameter and link it to a control.
Once the user selects date from control you will be able to dynamically calculate last 12 or 10 months based on selected date using below formula in a calculation. Add this calculated column as a filter to your bar chart and choose to show ‘True’ all the time.

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Thanks for the workaround for my question. Highly Appreciated.

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