Dynamic Visual Title Formatting Issue with Month Parameters

I have a ‘month’ field and a ‘month’ control with a ‘month’ parameter, all of which are of string data type and derived from the ‘issuecreateddate’ field. I have a requirement for the visual title where, if I select a range of 3 months, I would like to display the starting day of the first month and the ending day of the last month. For instance, if I choose January 2024, February 2024, and March 2024 in the controls, the title should be 01-01-2024 to 03-31-2024 OR Jan 2024 to March 2024.

I have tried using the month parameter, but it displays ‘Jan 2024, Feb 2024, and 1 More’ in the title. Is there a way to achieve the desired format without this issue?

Hi @hellosai321
I guess you need a (calculated) field and a table visual for that. Is the issuecreateddate field on a daily basis? Could build something where you get the max and min date for the filtered data.

Hi @ErikG ,I have a KPI visual and Titles needs this logic based on the month controls. The applied month parameter in the titles displays the "first two selected months and 1 more month ".


Hi @hellosai321
can you try to create a min and max date field and put it into a table visual (same filter as your KPI)

Hi @ErikG ,

I tried it with min and Max with a table and working fine but is there a way we can do it with parameters with titles only instead creating tables and drag it into KPI visual?

Sadly not. Only if you would use a start and end parameter.