Dynamically change if a field is a row vs column in a pivot table


Is there a way to dynamically change whether a field is in the rows or columns field well with an on-screen control?


User starts with the row/column setup above but maybe decides they want fields 2 and 3 in the columns field well to now be setup like below.


I realize this can easily be done by an author in an analysis but is there a way for a reader to make this change with some on-screen control in the dashboard?

There is no direct way to do this for readers. But authors can create controls for readers to select which field should be used inside the visualization. Please see the link below, where Author has used parameters, controls and calculations to design a field selector control that can be used for any visualization. https://democentral.learnquicksight.online/#Dashboard-TipsAndTricks-Interactivity-Dynamic-Dimensions-and-Measures

If this meets your requirements, you can also see the author view of the dashboard to see how this control is created. https://democentral.learnquicksight.online/#Dashboard-Help

Thanks Rushabh,

This is essentially what I’m doing already but I’m trying to take it one step further by allowing dynamic field selection and dynamic selection of the axis for those fields.

Consider it a feature request.

Sure. I have forwarded this to the team. They already have it in their backlog. Thank you!