Dynamically Change Parameter Values based on other Parameters

How can I change the parameter values based on the value selected in other parameter

I have a parameter “Report Type” which lets user select the format (Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly) in which they want to view the report.


I have another parameter “Report Period” which lets user select the period (Month, Quarter or year in string) for which they want to view the report.


What I want is that when the user selects Quarterly as the report type, report period should automatically change to one of the quarters or when the report type year is selected, report period should automatically change to one of the years.

If there is an option to define dynamic default based on other parameter values, that will also be useful

You could use a cascading control filter (Show Relevant Values) but you need to create a dataset with data as follows (with two string/varchar columns):

type          | period
monthly   | 2022-01
monthly   | 2022-02
monthly   | 2022-03
yearly       | 2021
yearly       | 2022
yearly       | 2023
quarterly | 2022 Q1
quarterly | 2022 Q2

Then you could use this dataset for dynamic defaults of both controls. Additionally, for the second control you should click the “Show Relevant Values” option and choose the first control in the prompt.

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@darcoli My existing dataset has these two columns and I am using “Show Relevant Values” for the second control. How can I set dynamic default based on parameter value and can I set one dynamic default for all the users, i.e. not use user or groups detail while setting up dynamic default

@Bilal_Shakir purpose of the dynamic default parameter (DDP) is to use a default value based on who is viewing the dashboard (user or group of users). Please refer guidelines for dynamic default parameters.

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But, this DDP is not working