Dynamically change the seasonality target value

I have the below table. For each of the customer we have multiple SKU sales value (Product A sales values, Product B sales value etc.). Based on the monthly target, each product sales value field for each customer will show as green, yellow, or red. Since I have more than two columns, I have used a table with conditional formatting, instead of heat map. In addition, I am maintaining a calculated field to set the target value.

Now we have to manually update the target value every month. Also, if I add a date filter to this table, and if user changes the date, the heat map still calculates based on this month’s target (as the target is set manually for each month). Is there a way in which the seasonality target can be dynamically changed?

Hi @somu ,

Here is example dashboard where parameters are used to pass value which then dynamically affect the calculations https://democentral.learnquicksight.online/#Dashboard-TipsAndTricks-Scenario-Analysis

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