Dynamically convert timestamp to local time based on the viewer

Hi QS Community!

Is it possible to use a calculated field or setting to adjust the timezones to dynamically updated based on a users local time zone? All my timestamps are in UTC format and I would prefer someone from London or California can log in and see their timezone automatically calculated.

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A possible way to do this would be via dynamic defaults. However, the approach requires you to have a table of all users along with their preferred timezone. I’m not aware of a function to return that user’s local timezone which would allow you to do this more easily.

A workaround is to have a parameter to allow the users to input the timezone that they are in (ie +8 for Singapore, +1 for London), and the datetime in the dashboard converted to their respective timezone.

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Both other answers are correct. Here is a little more detailed writeup on how you can achieve it: https://community.amazonquicksight.com/t/time-zone-adjustments/652