Dynamo DB data set integration

Does QuickSight support using a dynamo db as a data set?
I found an internal wiki that says the feature will be added as a data source in the future.

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@Rainhard : Thanks for posting this, this is an interesting question, at present i can see below data sources are supported by QuickSight.

I think NO SQL DB is not supported, one approach may be ( not 100% sure), you can export this data to S3 and then either use S3 as data source or create an athena table on top of S3 and use athena as a data source for temp solution.

See the link how you can read dyanmodb table as S3 export and athena - Load and SQL Query DynamoDB Map data type in Athena - Stack Overflow

Regards - San


Hi @rainmatt,

San is right. Some additional information about the Athena DynamoDB connector is here: