Easy way to create QuickSight user

Recently, i have an requirement to restrict access to Quicksight account hence I configure IP restriction.
Then i was told to find out the easier way to create Quicksight user and make able to access Quicksight account without signing up !!! Is there any way to do this thing ? Your responds will be much appreciated…

Traditional way of creating Quicksight User is kinda long process like we have to invite an user with the valid email address then the user will receive and accept invitation to be added as a user in the Quicksight account ; then the User will signup for the QuickSight user. So ,its a little too long process.

So anyone please help me to find out the way to reduce the process of creating Quicksight user and eliminate the process of Signing up so that user can just access the QuickSight account with the previous Company credential or with AD!!!

Hi @Biku,

There are multiple Authentication mechanisms supported by QuickSight.

  1. QuickSight Identity Store - This is where you register users directly in QuickSight (least preferred in your case)
  2. IAM Federated Identities - QuickSight supports federation of users from IAM. For example, if you have users in IAM, you can assign permissions to them to access QuickSight through IAM policies and they will be able to directly access QuickSight without registration.
  3. 3rd Party Identity Providers (IdP) - QuickSight supports federation for identities that use SAML 2.0 where in, you can setup federation from your IdP’s to QuickSight and the user registration is automatic in that case, when the user access the QuickSight application from IdP application or dashboard. examples IdPs are OKTA, Azure AD, Ping etc…
  4. Windows AD integration - QuickSight also allows tight integration with your Windows AD, but this needs to be setup at the time of QuickSight account setup. Once you have this integration, all the users in your AD automatically have access to QuickSight.

Let me know id this answers your question.



Thank you @Srikanth_Baheti for details. This is very useful. By saying this, organization should align one SSO solution. QuickSight is very flexible in SSO as well.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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