EasySend brings analytics to customers — and unlocks the secret of monetizing data

This is a guest post by Niv Tobias from EasySend.

EasySend is a no-code platform that makes it easy for businesses to transition from long, plain-text forms to rich, interactive digital experiences. We work with over 100 enterprises, including world-leading carriers, agencies, brokerages, MGAs/MGUs, TPAs, and insurance software integrators. Using EasySend, the data collection process becomes more intuitive and enjoyable for end users — and, crucially, the data itself is easier for the business to manage, verify, and track by automatically syncing to customers’ core systems.

In this post, we discuss how EasySend embeds analytics into their platform to enhance customer value through data and insights at their fingertips using Amazon QuickSight.

A new way to offer customers value

At EasySend, our overall objective is to make user flows easier than ever before. Customers today expect a seamless, intuitive experience in every business interaction — and we help insurance and financial companies achieve this by introducing rich media and interactivity into their data intake processes.

You may have had experience with this yourself. Think back to the last time you had to make an insurance claim or were signing up for a new service; was the signup process the usual form with input boxes? Or was it more like a conversation (albeit through a digital interface)?

We aim to deliver a comfortable user experience. We make customer data intake easy and interactive, so you can focus on what’s important: Your business.

We’re proud of our front-end technology – which automatically syncs real-time customer data with third-party systems – but we wanted a way to diversify our product offering and bring more value to our customers behind the scenes. Customer data intake supplies a rich source of information — not just in terms of input information, but also for understanding end user behavior and preferences.

We wanted to get more active about providing business intelligence to our customers. To do that, we needed to build a robust data warehouse that aggregated, prepared, indexed, and stored data streaming from a variety of different sources, and give our customers the ability to create dashboards capable of filtering information, analyzing it, and presenting it in a digestible, accessible format.

Feature-rich dashboards and analytics with Amazon QuickSight

Prior to using QuickSight, we used MySQL to create home-grown dashboards — but we found it quite limited in terms of its capabilities. The UI only included a single visual tool and was not flexible enough for all the data such as process data, analytics data, usage data, and conversation data we were eager to leverage, including process data, usage data, conversion data, analytics data, and more.

We briefly considered developing an analytics/BI tool of our own, however it quickly became clear that going down that route would be complex and expensive. Building our own tool would likely require us to dedicate four developers and significant QA efforts over the course of two years — and, even with that dedicated time and resources, we would not have been able to create anything near what QuickSight is capable of.

We also explored a few other solutions, including Sisense, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Domo, but in the end, we picked Amazon QuickSight, because of its:

Affordable pricing model

QuickSight offered an attractive pricing model, with flexible pay-as-you-use pricing. That was ideal, because it meant we only ever needed to pay for what we (and our customers) used. That made it affordable to offer built-in analytics for users, and profitable to offer an advanced analytics premium plan.

Sleek embedded analytics capabilities

White-labeling was incredibly easy with QuickSight. It took us just nine months to fully deploy QuickSight as a white-label solution within the EasySend platform.

Flexible and customizable dashboards

We loved the fact that QuickSight was both functional out of the box and also capable of being customized down to granular detail — both by us and authorized users.

Control over user access

With QuickSight, it was easy for us to monetize data and create a premium tier of product by putting advanced analytics capabilities and insights behind a paywall. This made it easy for us to go live with our data productization objectives.

Pulling the curtain back on EasySend Analytics

Following a beta process with a number of strategic accounts EasySend customers today have access to two out-of-the-box analytics dashboards in the platform powered by QuickSight : Overview and Process Analysis. These dashboards enable users to drill into each line of business level and see conversion rates, top digital processes, process status over time, expired processes, completed processes, and more. They also help customers understand how end-users are engaging with the digital processes by providing, among other things, geolocation, devices used, average duration to complete processes, and anomalies month-over-month.

Users also have the option to purchase a premium plan, which gives them even more control over analytics and insight capabilities. With QuickSight’s embedded authoring capabilities, customers on the premium plan are now able to create their own dashboards seamlessly . Customers can analyze the data points they prioritize most, with over 30 data visualization options and custom filters.

Below, we’ve included a brief tour of the EasySend platform and its capabilities.

Overview dashboard (included for all EasySend customers)

This standard dashboard view provides users with an aggregated overview of the data from digital processes run on the EasySend platform across all lines of business. The dashboard also includes the status of processes over time as well as for specific time periods, top performing processes, transaction sources, and conversion rates per business group.

Disclaimer: the following product images are examples and do not reflect real customer data.

Process Analysis dashboard (included for all EasySend customers)

This dashboard lets users dive deeper into analytics for specific digital processes run on the EasySend platform, beyond the information included in the Overview dashboard. This includes: process statuses, conversion rates, geolocation, and user devices, along with process duration, anomaly changes, and basic investigation capabilities using the transaction and sessions grids.

The Process Analysis panel also allows users to examine page funnels for visitors along with time spent by end-users and validation errors. Each of these helps our customers understand potential issues within their digital processes so they can improve conversion rates.

Business Insights (available as part of a premium plan)

With Business Insights, customers can become restricted dashboard authors. Using pre-created process data sets and end-user forms data, customers can build their own dashboards on the EasySend platform.

This lets them focus on uncovering and publishing their own business insights using different visualizations to be used internally by organizational stakeholders across a variety of lines of business. For example, a manager can view how many customers filed for bankruptcy during a specific time period, annual revenue generated for a specific policy, etc.

Our data architecture

Our QuickSight setup pulls data from Snowflake & MySQL. Below is a diagram of our AWS architecture.

A better customer BI experience

Every EasySend customer now has instant access to the out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics embedded in the platform through QuickSight, with the option to get greater customizability with a premium license.

The new Analytics module also gives EasySend’s internal sales team a distinct competitive advantage in closing deals with prospective customers, as most companies now understand the need to make data-driven decisions.

With QuickSight, our customers are now able to:

  • Understand their end-users better
  • Optimize conversion rates and tweak user journeys to suit customer preferences
  • Get an easy-to-understand birds eye view of their data collection process
  • Expand the use of EasySend across organizations

We’ve seen an uptick in both customer satisfaction and product adoption and usage. The new analytics capabilities have expanded the adoption of EasySend across different business units and departments within our customers’ organizations. Based on feedback provided by our customers, different departments are beginning to understand the power of the data at their fingertips and they are all leveraging the analytics and insights they prioritize most — such as expired processes, conversion rates, and so on.

And, for us, the difference has been significant too. We’ve been able to save on development and running costs, offer customers a seamless experience through white-labeling, and establish an entire new data warehouse with improved reporting capabilities, giving us an advantage for future offerings as well.

There’s also been a decrease in the number of tickets and data querying our support team needs to address, which has freed up crucial resources for other activities.

What’s next?

For us, the next step will be to introduce other QuickSight capabilities and services such as Q and forecasting. With Amazon QuickSight Q, anyone can ask questions in natural language and receive accurate answers with relevant visualizations that help them gain insights from the data.

Level-up your products with QuickSight

QuickSight has made it easy for us to monetize business intelligence and showcase the positive impact EasySend has had on our customers’ businesses.

Find out how you too can use Amazon QuickSight to productize data and analytics. Try a free trial of QuickSight today.

About the Author

Niv Tobias is a Senior Product Manager, Data Analytics, at EasySend with a strong background in data & analytics. With over two decades of experience, Niv has spearheaded product strategies and led cross-functional teams at prominent tech companies like NICE LTD. He specializes in building B2B SaaS applications, overseeing product development from inception to delivery, and collaborating closely with stakeholders to ensure customer-centric innovative and quality solutions at scale.

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