Email History - Sent email log

I would like to see the log of all the emails sent by quicksight. Where do I access email sent log?

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Hi Nishtha,
If you could share what type of information you are looking for it would be helpful. QuickSight generates emails at numerous stages, when a dashboard is shared, when an Alert is generated, when an email is scheduled etc.

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I’d be interested in this too… specifically, a log of dataset refresh fail e-mails, alert generations, and scheduled dashboard shares. Thank you!

I am looking for a log of every email that was autosent by Quicksight. ‘Sent folder’ of quicksight email account.

I couldn’t find anything even in cloudtrail logs because you can’t use an api to send emails. I think if they added a feature of being able to send emails via an api call then that could be tracked in cloudtrail.

I’m going to mark this as a feature request.