Email invitation not sent after user is created with tf script

I am creating new user in QuickSight with Terraform script and give that user some membership. After tf apply command, I can see that user is created in the QS console Manage users and also I see it into membership groups , but invitation mail is not sent to the mail address specified for that user.
And, when I go in the manage user console and manually click on resend invitation, than mail is received. What I am missing while preparing the tf scripts and resources regards creation of the users and sending the invitation on a specified email address.

Here is the terraform plan :


Thank you for bringing this to our attention… Currently, email is only sent when the user is invited or created with QuickSight Console UI. We are working on fixing this gap and will be available soon.

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Hi @agmayan ,
Thank you for your replay, yes this will be good feature, because after automation deployment you will not need to login to QS UI console and manually resend the invitation.


Is this feature added? Because I created used Register User API and I did not receive the email yet