Embed dashboards from multiple QuickSight accounts in a single wiki using EEC plugin

We would like the ability to display dashboards from multiple quicksight accounts within a single wiki i.e. a dashboard from amazonbi and a separate team account- Using the EEC plugin. Is there a way to accomplish this ?

I don’t know about the EEC plugin, but embedding dashboards in different accounts should work the same as embedding in one account. You would just duplicate the process for the two different accounts.

To clarify the ask here is :
Within a web browser tab on a single page - I have a dashboard embedded from QuickSight Account A , and QuickSight Account B. I’m using the non-anonymous embedding which requires a user to signin to an account. If at the signin in prompt i click on the first visual and -sign in to QuickSight Account A then the embedded visual from QuickSight Account B fails to render.

What needs to be done to ensure that visuals from both accounts will work ?

Hi @alexresh,

You web backend should have permissions to create embed dashboard URL for both QuickSight Account A and QuickSight Account B. User is authenticated with your web backend, not directly with QuickSight.

Does it help?


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