Embed visuals created with Python (matplotlib, seaborn)

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned in my previous question , I want combine the datasets and analysis I create in Qiucksight with Python libraries like matplotlib or seaborn for data visualization.

After creating the chart with python, how can I embed it into my Quicksight Analysis using AWS tools only? I’ve been considering on storing each chart in S3 and then using the “custom visuals” chart type in my analyses.

Also, which tool should I use to run my python Scripts? Is it SageMaker?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @SantiagoZ

1/ if you save the static images in S3 then you can use “Custom Visual Content” visual to include an URL to the S3 location.

2/ To run Python scripts, you can use 1/ your own IDE on your local machine configured to connect to AWS, 2/ Cloud9 with AWS ToolKit or 3/ Jupyter Notebooks in Amazon Sagemaker

Hope it helps,

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