Embedded Broken

we are using the embedding SDK and about a week ago it stopped working. We eventually found these “Breaking Changes” in the Git change log about renaming several types from frame to experience. We had no idea this was coming, what is the best way to track and receive notifications when these changes are implemented that are not backwards compatible?

Hello @Alan_J_Lowenstein !

I would recommend trying webhooks for Github:

Let me know if this is what you were looking for!

Thanks for the suggestion. I guess my question was more proactive, although a public repo, I believe it’s owned by Amazon and I would like to know if I can be notified prior to code that isn’t backwards compatible is pushed. I guess we can also watch the Repo, I don’t think I can set up a webhook if I don’t own the repo

Hey @Alan_J_Lowenstein,

I can mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team!

We have experienced a similar issue in the past when Quicksight API’s are updated without a notice.