Embedded dashboard (GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUser) is missing export or share options

We are embedding our QS dashboard and the menu bar does not appear on the page that is brought up via the embedded URL. We want users to be able to export the contents of some of the visualizations as csv or pdf etc. Without the menu bar, we cannot do that. Is there some custom code or SDK that I need to include in the generating URL script?

Please include printEnabled: true in the options that you pass on to the embedDashboard(options) call in javascript SDK

 var options = {
        url: r.EmbedUrl,
        container: document.getElementById("dashboardContainer"),
        parameters: {
            country: "United States",
            states: [
        scrolling: "no",
        height: "900px",
        iframeResizeOnSheetChange: false, // use this option in combination with height: AutoFit, to allow iframe height to resize dynamically, based on sheet height, on changing sheets.
        width: "100%",
        locale: "en-US",
        footerPaddingEnabled: true,
        sheetId: "sheet", // use this option to specify initial sheet id to load for the embedded dashboard
        sheetTabsDisabled: false, // use this option to enable or disable sheet tab controls in dashboard embedding
        printEnabled: true, // use this option to enable or disable print option for dashboard embedding
        undoRedoDisabled: true, // set this option to true to disable undo and redo buttons for dashboard embedding
        resetDisabled: true, // set this option to true to disable reset button for dashboard embedding
      var qsd = embedDashboard(options);

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We tried the printEnabled: true option but this doesn’t bring the menu bar. Do you know of a document where all the options are listed? Are there more options not listed in your version of the code?

@pyi for now, you might have to embedded the session to include the menu bar.
response = client.generate_embed_url_for_registered_user(

    'QuickSightConsole': {
        'InitialPath': 'string'


@pyi as @Ying_Wang mentioned, the session embedding will have the entire menu bar and is currently available only for user based embedding.

Hi - this is only for registered users. Our scenario is for anonymous users. We tried the same configuration anyway with the anonymous code and we are getting an error. I am trying to configure custom permissions and have the API call it but I can’t figure out where exactly to reference the permission set.

Permissions: [
Actions: ‘quicksight:ANONYMOUS_PERMISSIONS’

I also see now that there is an embedded Console API but this console API embedding functionality is only available for registered users. Step 2: Generate the URL with the authentication code attached - Amazon QuickSight

We have marked this a feature request for anonymous users. Thank you

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New to QuickSight and trying to make sense of this post… Is the final verdict that emailing dashboards is not available for anonymous users of an embedded dashboard? Thanks for the clarification!

Anonymous identity types are anonymous to Amazon. So Amazon won’t know email address of the user and any personalization features / authoring capabilities will not be supported. E.g. Email reports (which needs registered user’s email) and QS Console Embedding (used for embedding Authoring Experience) are not relevant for Anonymous identity types. Hope this helps.


Hello @lillie

Any update on this feature request? We also need this feature today. Checked javascript SDK v3 but did not see any config to enable export bar on generate embed url for anonymous users.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Ashok Any update on this ?