Embedded Dashboard's Toolbar Print Icon Missing w/ Latest SDK


When looking to utilize the latest embedding SDK 2.2.2, I’m not seeing the ability to display the print icon in the toolbar. In the documentation, the only mention of enabling print capabilities for an embedded dashboard is to introduce a consumer application element to act as the print link/button

Is there any way in the current SDK to display the print icon within the embedded dashboard using the existing printEnabled setting? Before I simply could just set the ‘printEnabled’ option in the embedDashboard object, but it does not appear possible anymore

If the printEnabled option is not currently available, can this be raised as a feature request so we can simply show to end users print functionality using the latest SDK without changing end user expectations and workflow to print a dashboard?

Disregard my question. I realized after I posted that my issue was in my published dashboard that did not have the right options checked on the published dashboard asset.


Pointing to the new published version with the print/pdf download options checked allows me to now see those capabilities in the embedded experience with the latest SDK.

This can be marked as resolved :slight_smile: