Embedded dashboards with Lake Formation

Hi, is it possible to embed templated dashboards where the data presented is different from user to user? I already have a Lake Formation database set up and the different users have access to different tables in the database but I can’t find a way to do this.

Appreciate the help.

Hello @henrique_rs, and welcome to the Quicksight Community!

Have you looked into Row Level Security? > Using row-level security (RLS) with user-based rules to restrict access to a dataset - Amazon QuickSight

Let me know if that helps!

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Hello @henrique_rs !

Was the above documentation helpful in solving this problem?

Not exactly. I already have all the user-based rules defined in Lake Formation. What I was expecting was that Quicksight could somehow leverage those rules without the need of defining them in Quicksight

@henrique_rs ,

Lake formation rules can be applied to QuickSight Authors : Authorizing connections through AWS Lake Formation - Amazon QuickSight
( Search for : Enabling connection from Lake Formation )

For readers, this would be using RLS , link provided @duncan


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