I would like add embedded link, for example: for the number 24235345 I would like to add http link (I don’t want to show the full link but instead just show the number as a clickable link) and would like to apply the same for all the elements in the same column.

Hi @Manoj_Virigineni

You can follow this steps to achieve this. The below is my table before applying the changes, I have a column called link and it has some https link (Using field styling - Amazon QuickSight)

Step 1 - CLick on the properties of the visual
Step 2 - Go to field styling → Select your field that has link → Make URLs as hyperlinks → Custom link and type your number there.

You can see in the image my column has changed to the custom text i have given

Note - For this part (‘Select your field that has link’) - If you don’t have a column with link and would like to add to the existing visual, then you can create a calculated field and add link as a string - something like this - (‘Using field styling - Amazon QuickSight’)

Helpful resources -

  1. Using field styling - Amazon QuickSight
  2. Is there a way to add hyperlinks to a specific column in Table?

Let me know if this solution helped you!

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Hi @shravya,

Thanks for your reply and your solution worked for me. Thank you so much.

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