Embedding quicksight dashboard on a webpage without manually adding all the users of the page

I want to embed a Quicksight dashboard on an external webpage. The dashboard should be accessible to all the users of the webpage and I dont want to explicitly add the users individually. With this in mind is it possible to explicitly restrict the access of the dashboard to the users of the webpage?

Also can the embedded dashboard take dynamic arguments as input based on which we display custom data on dashboard

Hi @Sachin_Mohan_Paramba - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. You do not need to add the users in QuickSight explicitly to see the contents of the Dashboard in in your app as embedded. Please see the details in the below link -
Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services .

You can do a poc and test it.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Thanks for your response @Sanjeeb2022 . I see that Embedding QuickSight data dashboards for anonymous (unregistered) users will be a solution for my use case. Do you know if I can pass filter parameters from my app while generating embed url?

Hello @Sachin_Mohan_Paramba ,

Did you find a solution to pass filter parameters from the app while generating embed url ? Kindly share… ty