Embedding QuickSight Dashboards on Client Application

Currently, we are embedding quicksight dashboards in our own application and through RLS we have restricted the data and sharing with the clients.
Now, I wanted to embed same or similar dashboard with my one of the clients with RLS restriction in their own application.
Can I able to do that, If So how can I do that embedding?

Hi @ramakrishna92

Yes, you can embed same or similar dashboard in client application. Similar to the way you have your own application, client to create embedded page and consume the QuickSight dashboard. And gor this, you need to allow list your clients web application URL on your QuickSight account.

How is the user setup look like in our internal app and client users in your QuickSight ?
all registered users in QuickSight ?

If client users are registered as well, then you can add those users to existing RLS and map it to underlying dataset.

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