Embedding-sdk URL Action is not navigating to another Dashboard

my code

        $credentials = new Credentials(self::$accessKey, self::$secretKey);
        $quicksightClient = new QuickSightClient([
            'version' => 'latest',
            'region' => 'ap-northeast-1',
            'credentials' => $credentials,
        $result = $quicksightClient->getDashboardEmbedUrl([
            'AwsAccountId' => self::$accountId, // REQUIRED
            'DashboardId' => $dashboardId, // REQUIRED
            'IdentityType' => 'IAM', // REQUIRED

        $embedUrl = $result['EmbedUrl'];
        <script src="/src/unpkg.com_amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk@2.3.0_dist_quicksight-embedding-js-sdk.min.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">

            const embedDashboard = async() => {
                const {
                } = QuickSightEmbedding;
                const embeddingContext = await createEmbeddingContext({
                    onChange: (changeEvent, metadata) => {
                        console.log('Context received a change');
                const frameOptions = {
                    url: '<?php echo $embedUrl ?>',
                    container: '#experience-container',
                    resizeHeightOnSizeChangedEvent: true,
                    onChange: (changeEvent, metadata) => {},
                const contentOptions = {};
                const embeddedDashboardExperience = await embeddingContext.embedDashboard(frameOptions, contentOptions);
    <body onload="embedDashboard()" id="experience-container">

my setting link and action

When I click “link to other dashboard” page transitions properly.
but when I click on chart trigger “action to other dashboard” shows an error.

ap-northeast-1.quicksight.aws.amazon.com refused to connect.

I think it’s because the Action only accepts absolute URLs, doesn’t accept relative URLs or dashboardId, while the “link to other dashboard” supports relative URLs or dashboardId.
Is there any solution for this?

@Max May you help me, please?

Your embed url is not the same as your pages url.

The url in your URL action does not look like a dashboard.

Here is an example of a dashboard.


You would replace the url with your website and however you are routing pages.

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Hi @tungxen - It looks like you are using one click embed url in the action and that would not work. Like @Max suggested you will need t use the actual dashboard url.


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