Empty values in dataset

Hi ,

am using a dataset and for some lines data showing as empty. How can i solve this?
am using a simple formula like Budget, used and available. Am getting empty fields in used data and which resulting empty lines in available data. (Budget-used=available)

Hello @Sravankumar , welcome to the QuickSight community! In order to help you resolve this issue, I need some more details about the data you are querying to build your dataset and how you are creating it.

  • Are you using a directly pulling in a table from your data source to build the dataset or are you using a custom SQL query to do so?

  • Or are you using an Excel file or CSV to create the data structure within QuickSight?

If you are doing some kind of OUTER JOIN in SQL it could create empty column values in a row. Is that similar to what you are experiencing or are you losing entire rows in the data?

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Hey @DylanM … Thanks for responding back.

I checked some previous response in the community and used coalesce . It solved my problem.

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@Sravankumar nice! I am glad the community was able to help. Feel free to post a new topic any time you need assistance. Good luck on your dashboard creation!

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