Enable column locking in tables

Hi all,

I would like to request a new feature that allows users to lock table columns.

When building large tables, it can be challenging to keep track of rows. Especially when scrolling horizontally on tables that have more rows than are immediately visible, since navigating up/down slightly while scrolling horizontally can throw off your recall of which rows are which. Locking columns in place would help users to maintain visibility of the important identifying dimensions, even as they navigate through tables horizontally.

This feature would improve the user experience by making it easier to navigate large tables quickly and effectively. I would use pivot tables to accomplish this, but many tables include categorical dimensions rather than exclusively measures. I frequently need to export table data to Excel because end users need the data in a single table and prefer to view it with the ability to freeze columns. I believe this feature would greatly enhance the overall functionality of QuickSight.

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This sounds great connor.

I’ll mark it as a feature request!

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