Enablement of Generative BI


Hi community,

I’m struggling with Q generative BI functionality as I want to explore option of building stories.

Basically my server has Q enabled, but I don’t see any option to build a story as is mentioned in few blogs/documentation like here:

  1. Creating a data story with Amazon Q in QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight
  2. Announcing Generative BI capabilities in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Business Intelligence Blog

All what I’m able to do is just ask Q a question and get answer. I’m of course admin of server, but I can’t even find any option like to turn on something like preview functions, etc.

I know there is an issue between PC and chair, but can’t find where:)

Thanks for help!

Hello @Hnusak,

The generative BI capabilities are only available in US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon), are you using QuickSight in any of those regions?

Also in those regions, you will need to enable the preview in the preview manager.



Hope this helps!


Hi QuickSight Team: I am AWS Solutions Architect building a demo. My QuickSight Q Generative BI features suddenly disappeared. And it took me like 1 to 2 hours before I thought of searching for “enable generative bi” and found this topic by pure coincidence.

I didn’t recall anything about this Preview Manager. Just now I went back to the Generative BI blog post and found out Preview Manager was mentioned at the BOTTOM of the blog post.

In order help others avoid wasting 2 hours, may I suggest that we either: 1) Make the reminder for Preview Manager menu item more prominent when we enter QuickSight console; and/or 2) Move the mention of the Preview Manager to the TOP of the Gen BI blog post?

BTW - I love the features.

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Hi @andres007 , thanks for reply. That will be the issue I guess as we’re using EU region. I guess thats the reason why we have so limited capabilities in Q in compare with showcases by Amazon.

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