Encrpyt and decrpyt data at column level

Data which i get in encrypted format. Is there any in-built functions or user defined functions to support decrypt data in dashboard.
Source of data: MySql
AES MySql functions: aes_encrypt, aes_decrypt

Hi @m_jagadeesh ,

There are no in-built functions or user defined functions available, this is more of SQL functions and depends on the underlying datasource. You can test using custom sql to decrypt the data.

I am using RDS Postgresql ( Engine version 13.7 ) , created the example based on the following documentation : Column Encryption - SQL Server to Aurora PostgreSQL Migration Playbook ( PostgreSQL Usage topic )

In QuickSight using custom SQL ( encrypted and decrypted data as part of the dataset )

You can further restrict access to this data for your end users using column level security : Using column-level security (CLS) to restrict access to a dataset - Amazon QuickSight


Thank you @Koushik_Muthanna . I need to decrypt the data from redshift. Is there any function in the redshift for encryption and decryption?