Error due Connection with Redshift

I am getting an error massage that I feel is caused by Redshift pulling in dataset and changing the field formats. When I load csv file into Quicksight, it works well without changes to field formats.

But when we load same dataset to Redshift and try to load into Quicksight, all field formats change to “strings”. And then when I fix them and try to use them to create visuals, I see the error message below.
“Your database generated an SQL exception…”

Has anyone encountered such issues?


Hello @Adolusile, are you querying the view in Redshift with SQL and altering the data that way or are you editing the fields in the QuickSight console after linking directly to the Redshift view? I’d recommend using SQL so you can define each column exactly how you want and make any required data type updates then saving as a dataset in QuickSight.

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Hi @DylanM I was editing from the QuickSight console. I will try the SQL. Thank you

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Hello @Adolusile, let me know if that works better! Hopefully that solves the problem.