Error: Getting the Row level security configuration for your dataset took too long

I started getting this error with my filters since yesterday and clicking on “Refresh this List” doesn’t do anything. I’ve been using this dataset with the same RLS rules for months without any issues.

When I remove RLS from the dataset, the issue goes away but when I apply RLS again, the issue comes back. I have other datasets that use the same RLS rules and dashboards containing those datasets don’t have this issue.

Has anybody seen this issue before?

Hey @David_Wong! I pinged one of our SAs who is looking into this. Wanted to let you know it’s on our radar in case you don’t hear back before Monday. Have a good weekend!

Hi @Kristin,

I actually opened a support ticket on the same day but while waiting for support to get back to me, I wanted to post here as well to see if anybody in the community has come across the same issue.

Oh good! Glad you have a support ticket started. I have not seen this issue before…but it would be great to get feedback from others if they are seeing this as well.

Thank you for letting us know! Good to see that you already raised support ticket. We need support engineers to check the case in the backend.