Error - % in totalizer visao

I’m having difficulty getting the subtotal to calculate the % correctly

Has anyone ever experienced this?


Hi @GuiFox
It’s a common issue as you can’t sum the percentage.
Did you tried to set the aggression to avg?

unfortunately avg doesn’t work. It comes very close but it doesn’t work

Hello @GuiFox, were you able to find a workaround for this? If so, would you post the steps you took to accomplish that? Otherwise, let me know if you have any further follow-up questions and we can try to get your solution closer to your desired output. Thank you!

Hello @GuiFox, since we have not heard back from you, I will go ahead and archive this topic. If you have any further questions on this, please post a new topic in the community and link to this question. That will ensure you are at the top of the priority list to receive a response from one of our QuickSight experts. Thank you!