Error on calculate field

I’m trying to create a calculated field to receive information according to the status of the machine. And to calculate the percentage of hours in each status in relation to the total hours of operation and inactivity.

For this I am using the formula:

     {machine_status} = 'Available' or {machine_status} = 'Running' or {machine_status} = 'Machine Stopped' or {machine_status} = 'Machine - Stopped - In service',
)) / sum({operating_or_down_time_hour}) * 100

But it always shows syntax error. I’ve tried to create other fields to make it as simple as possible, but I always get a syntax error.

The formula was correct, the problem was the column I was using th “operational_downtime_minutes gave” me the data I needed…

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Hi @jjardel-cybersec - Can you please give some sample data and expected output.

Tagging @Biswajit_1993 @David_Wong for their expert feedback as well.

Regards - Sanjeeb