Error when creating dataset: Unknown parameter in input: "DatasetParameters",

Getting error below. I checked the awscli create-data-set and I see the “DatasetParameters” when --generate-cli-skeleton option is provided. The awscli/boto3/botocore version I am running is 1.29.17 ad 1.28.17 and 1.31.17 respectively. How to resolve this issue?

Parameter validation failed:
Unknown parameter in input: “DatasetParameters”, must be one of: AwsAccountId, DataSetId, Name, PhysicalTableMap, LogicalTableMap


Those versions are supported with the versions of the boto3/botocore that I have installed in the virtual env:
1.29.17 ad 1.28.17 and 1.31.17

I print the version of the boto3/botocore inside the python script and looks like it is using the version that is in the system and not the one in the virtual env. Do you know why it is using the one in the system?

It only works when I deactivate from my virtual env and do a pip install. So the system and the virtual env are now same version but it defeats the purpose of running it inside the virtual env.

It works on another user. We checked his .aws profile folder and it only contains the config file. Mine contains a models folder and the config file. I removed the models folder and I see the results I expected in the awscli. What is the models folder/contents for?

@Koushik_Muthanna The boto3 versions are already upgraded. Somehow the existence of the models folder is giving different results.

@alltej ,

This is more of a configuration at your end. Possibly check internally within your organization how this can be resolved.

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