Error with Insight Widget on Email Reports


I have a dashboard that uses parameters to set defaults for individual users. At the top of the dashboard I have an “Insight Widget” that displays some data. When the users log on to the dashboards everything works great, however, when the report is emailed to them they all receive this error message for the Insight. Anyone else run into this?


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In order to investigate further, we will be needing additional information from you. Could you please email us at with the following:

  1. Account ID
  2. Dashboard ID
  3. Analysis ID

Thanks and look forward to getting this resolved soon!

Thanks, I have sent the info as requested.

@Rahul_Easwar I sent emails but did not receive any response. Thought I would provide a quick update here to ensure you get the message. There does appear to be some issue using some combination of parameters and date formatting. If I remove these elements the Insight appears ok on email. If I put them on, even just 1, I receive the error message.


Apologies but looks like the email address I provided did not allow for your email to pass through. Could you please forward your email to I will also include your last message so we can triage the issue appropriately.