Exclude NULL or Empty String from Filter selection

Hi I would like to ask question,

So I have a year filter in my dashboard like picture below

And then I tried to edit the filter so I can exclude the “Empty String” from the filter selection like below

And it make my filter change not like the first picture.

Which I want to have it like first picture, not force select… I want to user only can select year but not “Empty String” it shouldn’t be shown to user.

While in Power BI I choose what value that user can see in the filter selection and I can exclude NULL/Empty String.
May I know if this can be done in Quicksight?

Can anyone help me?

Hi @consultantcon - Just thinking, in your data set preparation page, can you filter out these records so that during analysis you will not see these records in filter. You can create a filter in data set page and exclude all NULL or empty strings. If your data source is rdbms, you can use custom sql and suppress this kind of records as well.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @Sanjeeb2022

Thanks for the replies, understand that I need to clean the data.
But the requirement is I still need the NULL/Empty string data as my calculation to get the total, but I just don’t want to user can select those NULL/Empty string into the data.
Can this requirement be done?

Hi @consultantcon - Can you edit the filter available in the sheet and check the below setting.

Hope this is what you are looking.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @consultantcon,

Create 2 filters for the Year field and add both to your sheet. Manually exclude null in the first one and make the second one show relevant values based on the first one. Null won’t be available for selection in the second one. Then hide the first filter and/or move it behind some other visual so that so that your readers can’t see it (only works in free-form layout).

It’s a bit convoluted but this is the only workaround I’m aware of.

If your filter has a small number of values and they are all known values, you can enter the values in the control (e.g. 2017, 2018, 2019, etc) instead of linking to a dataset field. This way you can control exactly what values your readers can select.

Hi @David_Wong

Thanks for some suggestion.
Actually the issue is if I’m using the first suggestion the data also will be filtered by NULL and I still need the number of NULL and Empty String, just want to hide the selection of NULL and Empty string from the filter

While if using the parameter, it need to be updated manually if there’s new Year coming in to the users.

Can I check if there’s still no feature to filter out only Empty String and Null from filter selection only and not affecting the visuals?

Below example feature in Power BI
So user still can “Select All” but just the Blank is not shown into the selection

I don’t think what you’re showing in Power BI can be done in QuickSight but it would be a nice enhancement to have.



Is this feature request in the meantime implemented? Because I need the same.