Export data from quicksight embedded dashboard with Filters and Parameters

I need to export quicksight data from the dashboard into google sheets(without using a 3rd party connector) or any other folder like an S3 bucket etc. Is there any way to do this?
If, I embed the dashboard, how will I be able to achieve the same result with filters and parameters?

Hello @Prajakta, in regards to your exact expectation of exporting directly to google sheets, that may not work exactly as anticipated. You may be able to create a function internally to make that happen, but I do know there has been some added functionality to export data programmatically. I’ll link the blog post from AWS on those update.

There is another option as well to manually export tables and pivot tables as an Excel File or CSV that you could then import into google sheets.

I will mark this response as a solution for now, but if you run into issues implementing this please let me know!

Hello @DylanM , in this feature, will I have to embed the dashboard in an application? And as I was going through it, I would need to buy the paginated reporting feature but that is okay for now.

I do not want to export every report manually using export to CSV or excel as it is extremely tedious for 100s of groups.

I was also curious to see if the dashboard filters and parameters that are applied to the dashboard will be applied to the export of the snapshot as well.

Hello @Prajakta, you do not have to embed it into an application, I think it is using that terminology to say it is being embedded into that snapshot that you will then be able to access from S3. You are also correct that you will need to subscribe to the paginated reporting feature to gain access to this.

You are also able to include parameters on the snapshot configuration, so as long as your filters are controlled by parameters, that filtering will display as expected. This is not configured to manage user level RLS, but it does have some instructions on managing RLS with tag-based rules if you wanted to implement that.

When looking through the documentation, search for this Export to an S3 destination with parameters enabled on the page to find the section related to what you want to accomplish.

In this automation, can we schedule exports? Or will it only work once we run the job on CLI? I wonder how we could do relative dates as parameters in the API call.

Hello @Prajakta, in the documentation it specifically mentions scheduling exports of tables and pivot tables with Paginated Reporting. It seems like it will limit the types of visuals you can schedule the exporting with, but I know at least those work with it! Here is another piece of documentation that goes into detail on that process. It allows on regular schedules like Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc., but I also see an option to create a custom schedule, so that might have the options you are looking for.