Export Date stamp options for CSV

Follow-up to this answer: Export date/time stamp

The above worked for Excel export but not CSV. Any way to get the date time added to the CSV file?

Hi @quicksightenthusiast - This should work for csv as well. can you share a screenshot for the issue?

Regards - Sanjeeb

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See image below layered with Quicksight app at the top showing an as of label, which then carries through to the top of the excel export but then does not show at the top of the csv

@Sanjeeb2022 Also, that last screenshot shows row 4 at the top but I accidentally scrolled down as I took the screenshot and just now realized it. Row 1 is indeed where the data starts and is missing the as of date label. Sorry about potentially confusing things with the row 4 start. Let me know what you think about ways to get the as of to show in the csv.

Hi @quicksightenthusiast - are you looking a solution to remove the first 4 rows from csv file? If you can give more details on the requirement, we all can have a look.

Regards - Sanjeeb

No, I do not want to remove the first 4 rows from the CSV. I was just stating that I messed up the screenshot. The problem remains that in a CSV export the as of label (which appears in row one of an Excel export) is missing from the CSV export. Any idea on how I can fix that with the csv export?

Hello @quicksightenthusiast !

I am not sure that this is possible in Quicksight currently. I will mark this as a feature request.